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 The Triangle Deserves Its Summit

The Triangle Deserves Its Summit offers a decisive and poetic cut to a perverse system that functions by "sense-ure"* - an incessant overloading of the senses that purges all meaning, recycles spinned words, and inflicts us with a doctrine of "the many must pay for a policy of targets".

* A concept created by French writer Bernard Noël.


The Triangle Deserves Its Summit is an english version of the film Le triangle mérite son sommet by poet and filmmaker Florence Pazzottu. Translated from the French by Hollye Dye, Pamela King and Florence Pazzottu. With the voice of Pamela King. Audio mixing Florent Fournier-Sicre, studio Flopibo.


Alt(r)a Voce a reçu pour la version anglaise de ce film une aide à la diffusion du Département 13 en 2014.

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